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USA is part of our name! Our services may be in the cloud, but our team of experts live and work here alongside you and your staff. Our data storage, our technical infrastructure, and our service professionals are here, too. We get it – big business is global.

Complete IT Services and Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Welcome to CloudSpace USA. Our Houston based firm is an all-in-one IT services company and security leader. We provide cloud computing and IT managed services in Texas. We provide small and medium sized businesses with the computing power of larger competitors, while helping them to maintain a stable, secure, and updated computing environment to help drive their businesses.

If You are storing your data in your office….then, You at the highest Risk Level for: Data Loss / Ransom Ware / & Hacking. Contact us for a solution.

Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Our hearts go out to all of our fellow Houstonians and those in the surrounding areas affected by this unprecedented storm.

Thankfully, through careful design and preparation our Houston data center, servers and desktops, remained 100% operational throughout the storm along with all of our Amazon Web Services servers and desktops. The benefits of moving your company’s IT Infrastructure to the Cloud with a trusted partner are no better understood than they are in times like these.

Unprecedented situations call for a partner you can trust and your Houston, TX based Cloudspace USA is ready to help. Contact us to discuss your company’s options for getting back to work today and better prepared for tomorrow.

Our IT experts provide small business IT support in Houston. We provide managed IT services, network support, vender management Helpdesk, IT consulting services, virtual desktop hosting, data backup and disaster recovery, mobile strategies, and much more. We offer custom solutions for each business and adapt our IT services to accommodate the changing needs of your business, as you grow and expand in the future.

We deliver cloud solutions to address the crucial information technology needs of your business. We offer packages and solutions that are tailored for small businesses, home businesses, non-profits, and multi-entrepreneur organizations. You can focus on your core business, while we provide services that include hosted IT cloud solutions, cloud computing, cloud server hosting services, virtual desktop, and more.

The leadership team at CloudSpace USA has decades of experience across several industries and global companies, as well as building entrepreneurial enterprises. Put this innovation, creativity, and technical skill to work for your business with productive, cost effective solutions and the freedom to work from anywhere.

Whether you need IT support, want to explore how moving to the cloud can benefit your business, or require computer network security support in Houston, TX, CloudSpace USA offers effective solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. Read more about the full range of services and programs that are available on our website and contact us by telephone at 281-547-0959 or request a quote through our website.

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