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CloudSpace USA supports those businesses that have made a commitment to be a sustainable business and ‘go green.’

Whether on the basis of moral conviction or business opportunity, a sustainable business pursues environmentally friendly activities – seeking processes, products, and manufacturing activities to address environmental concerns while maintaining a profit.

CloudSpace USA supports going green by applying cloud computing technology for our clients to establish and support a work-from-home capability through our virtual desktop hosting. This solution goes beyond just a “dial-in” capability already in-place in some organizations and produces benefits in reduced commute time and stress and lessened individual driver fuel usage.

The seamlessness of our technology solutions make a home computer’s capability to access needed applications and data essentially identical to the office computer. As a result, employee downtime is reduced and productivity enhanced.  Further, by providing consistent, up-to-date software across the enterprise, digital document sharing can be improved, thus reducing the volume of paper printed while enhancing the efficiency of office operations and profitability.