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CloudSpace USA puts big company computing sophistication into the home-sweet-home.  Through our virtual desktop services, you can turn that clunky desktop back into a useful business tool, so long as it has access to the internet and can launch a browser.  Your business data and applications will be separate from your kid’s homework, even if you share the home office computer. Most importantly, you can do your computing work from anywhere there is a computer with internet access.  It doesn’t have to be your computer.

Some of America’s most widely recognized brands began as home businesses.  Apple Inc., was started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak from Mr. Wozniak’s garage.  James Avery Craftsman, a Christian themed jewelry maker began as a home business.  Others include HP, Real Goods, and Amazon.com.

We define a home business as a small business operating from the business owner’s home office.  In addition to location, most home businesses have only a very small number of employees.  Frequently, the employees are immediate family of the business owner, in which case it is also a family business.

Home businesses generally lack shop frontage, customer parking and street advertising signs.  But in recent years, physical space rented for assembly work, or as executive offices has become available to supplement the home-business operations.  Sometimes, the owner of a home-based business toggles back-and-forth between the home and some temporarily rented facility or office.

Because of the dynamic of running a home-business and a frequent need to share technology resources with other family members, sometimes otherwise simple procedures are overlooked.  File backups, virus scanning, and sometimes even data security are infrequently managed. When multiple systems are used, not on a shared network, keeping track of exactly which files are where, and which document is the most recent version, can be frustrating.

While there are multiple ways to address each of these frustrations, our solution for you immediately provides a way for you, and others working with you, a big corporation-like computing capability, without investing in new desktops or laptops.  Plus, you won’t need to remember the backups, the virus scans, etc…