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Limited Liability Company – Cloud Based Solutions

CloudSpace USA accommodates the balance needed to separate personal resources from business, while providing a set of shared data and applications across a permanent or temporary team.  Our technical solution is flexible, similar to the flexible form of business a limited liability company provides.  With the data security and technical robustness required by large businesses, the virtual desktop assignments help LLC entities perform.

Limited Liability Company - Cloud Based SolutionsA limited liability company (LLC) is a commonly used and flexible form of enterprise.  These blend together elements of partnership and corporate structures. An LLC is not a corporation; rather, it is a legal form of company that provides limited liability to its owners.  LLCs do not need to be organized for profit.

A growing number of LLC entities are formed by entrepreneurs with several other enterprises.  For those, we suggest you also review the “multi-entrepreneur” section.  Here, we speak to a single LLC, and some of the specific needs that are commonly facing these entities.

Because of the hybrid nature of an LLC, and the separation of liability afforded to individuals who also manage an LLC, most would agree of the importance in separating personal assets from the LLC assets.  A CloudSpace USA LLC Solution can simplify this separation – both at home, in an office, and during travel.

But beyond this, many LLC entities are “boot-strapped” initially from personal funds. And, once customer revenue begins to overtake the start-up costs, additions of other staff, adjunct, or part-time resources are included in-the-mix.  Our solution for these entities provides for variable scaling – temporary “virtual desktops” can be assigned to others as they come into and then out of the organization.  Especially in this emerging trend of the virtual organization, which many would suggest the LLC entity lends itself toward, an individual owner or leader of an LLC can provide, and then retrieve a virtual desktop, with no shipping requirements and very little if any IT support requirements.

Similar to the CloudSpace USA™ Franchise Solution, each virtual desktop can be pre-loaded with the appropriate support software, templates, and other digital assets.