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Mom-and-Pop – Cloud Based Solutions

CloudSpace USA makes big company computing power available to a family-owned business with otherwise outdated computing gear. Clear separation between the personal needs and the business needs can be established.  Much needed, but often overlooked processes like data backups, computer virus protection updates, and new versions of software are automatically managed.

Who doesn’t like a mom-and-pop business?

Mom-and-Pop - Cloud Based SolutionsThis phrase is a colloquial term frequently referring to a small, independent, family-owned business. Unlike a franchise business or large corporations with multiple operations in various locations, mom and pop shops typically have a single location.  Often the business occupies a physically small space. The “shop” could be any type of business, such as an auto repair garage, bookstore, or salon.

Understandably, mom-and-pop business sometimes has difficulty competing with the business buying power of larger competitors.  But, even with these buying difficulties, many of these businesses remain competitive by differentiating themselves through unique products, exceptional service or other personalized aspects.

Perhaps especially in these situations, our solution can provide a powerful way to leverage otherwise out-dated PC desktops, without compromising the important needs of access to current software and applications.

When the home computer is also the business computer, our solution offers a separation of the two.

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