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Team Projects – Cloud Based Solutions

CloudSpace USA Team Projects – Cloud Based Solutions are fast to configure, easy to accommodate new members coming on or rolling off, and provide for virtual collaboration of otherwise disparate hardware and software versions.

Here, we diverge a bit from our small business emphasis.  A project team in large organizations is typically temporary, may range in size from 5-50 individuals, and may be comprised of individuals from several different functions and/or organizations, including contractors.

Team Projects - Cloud Based SolutionsEven though a large on-going corporation typically has a support IT staff that can establish a “work area” on the company servers, and may even be able to provide for remote computing, the potential diversity among contractor laptops may create some initial slow-down, even barriers.

Furthermore, as members roll-on and roll-off, the size of the team fluctuates and requires on-going IT attention and support.

Through our solution set, a quickly established project team technical environment can be established with the necessary security expected from a world-class IT department.

Once completed, appropriate files and configuration can be loaded to the company’s permanent systems.

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