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Business Cloud ComputingAbout Cloudspace USA

Cloudspace USA provides cloud computing services to small and medium-sized businesses in the Houston area.

We also provide infrastructure as a service. What does that mean for your company?

Cloudspace USA will:

  • Answer all your crucial business IT support needs
  • Reduce the ‘lumpiness’ of your technology spend
  • Remove your need for the expensive, occasional technical contractor
  • Maintain a safe, stable, and up-to-date computing environment that helps drive your business

With Cloudspace USA as your Houston cloud computing provider, we will make certain that, as your business IT needs change, your IT solutions change to meet those needs.

Cloudspace USA can provide:

The leadership of a company or small business who are responsible for approving the budget usually view business technology as a necessary requirement to run the business. The expenditures to maintain this technology is ‘lumpy’ at best, especially in a small business. The inconsistencies and unpredictability are due to the fact that there are additional costs associated with upgrades to workstations, software, and network servers and these issues are aggravated during times of growth.

Other factors impacting technology decisions include:

  • Business continuity
  • Data security
  • Geographic dispersion

We lessen your dependency on unnecessary, bothersome, and costly items while you are receiving safe, always current computing. This will help reduce the overall size of your IT budget in the long term.

We Are Your Neighbors

Our services may be in the cloud, but our team of experts live and work here in Houston, we are your neighbors, working right alongside you and your staff. Our data storage, our technical infrastructure, and our service professionals are all here, too.

While we appreciate the cost-benefits that going ‘off shore’ can bring, we are proud to deliver high value services at attractive pricing by utilizing the economies of cloud computing and focusing on service and support.. We take great satisfaction in being locally grown – being USA – and being your neighbor.

Our Brochure

For more information about our cloud computing services, please view Our Brochure.