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Microsoft, a leader in the software industry, is well known for providing the best solutions and quality products to small businesses. Cloud Space USA is Microsoft – certified resellers striving to provide the very best services and products to our clients.

Great quality software and hardware to match can provide a productive platform at work. With forty years of experience Microsoft has been excelling at providing business solutions to business houses across the world. Around Houston Texas, CloudSpace USA has been trying to provide similar services since 2004. Just like Microsoft we want to use our experience and expertise to its maximum and help your business grow to its utmost potential. We provide you with the right tools to achieve the same.

As members of Microsoft Partner Network we are certified to compliment and support your business with

  • Software and Hardware – We give you complete access to tools such as Microsoft Office 365 and the required hardware to support it.
  • Mobile Devices – We make sure that mobile tablets such as the Surface Pro 3 and the latest Lumia phones with latest windows software and operating system helps in efficiency.

Online Applications and the Cloud – Cloud Space USAprovides an array of applications and business tools to start of your business initiative. This ranges from access to your files on Microsoft one drive to in- house with office 365.

The Latest Microsoft Software and Hardware

For an increase in productivity and to compete against your competitor with flying colors simply use the latest Windows operating systems and software.
If you want a better option that Windows XP, trust Microsoft and Cloud Space USA with a plethora of solutions. Our team of IT consultants helps you to take the best decision in a exacting situation.

  • Take advantage of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, including Word for word processing, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, and more.
  • Upgrade away from Windows XP for maximum system and network security with the latest patches and upgrades, provided by Cloud Space USA.
  • Use Windows Servers to virtualize your business and data center needs.