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Who says you can’t work on-the-go? With mobile devices from Microsoft, Cloud Space USA can help you be productive anywhere, anytime.

All that is needed to be productive while on the move is portability, so Microsoft provides you with tablets and mobiles that is loaded with the latest operating system. This makes you and your team at business efficient even when on move.
Working on Microsoft Surface is just like working on your desktop. You can browse through the net, check mails and do much more with the flexibility to work where ever you wish – at office, while on the move or even home. You are connected to your work place always!

With Nokia’s technology in mobile phones combined with Windows 8.1 operating system, you can use your phone for much more combining both recreational activities and productivity while not restricting your movement and being flexible.

Access Information Anywhere with Online Applications and Cloud Services

Access your information and store it within a secure cloud using Microsoft’s online applications and cloud storage solutions.

Cloud Space USA provides you with cloud storage and access to many online applications. Securely access all your file online with Microsoft One Drive. You can also collaborate with Microsoft Share Point in real time.

Microsoft One drive allows you to do everything online similar to in-office desk top, with access to Microsoft excel, word, power point and OneNote. Create documents, spread sheets, presentations, and more.

Microsoft Share point is a tool that helps you to communicate with your team easily keeping business organized. Simply discuss group projects making it simple to share the information.

Microsoft assures doing business is simple with structured IT solutions. They want your business to touch the pinnacle of success and so do we. Our engineers trained and certified by Microsoft in IT strive to provide the best services and solutions tat will finally help you succeed and make profits.

For more information, contact us at 281-547-0959 we’d be happy to inform you before you make a decision.