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Access of organizations network through outside devices may cause serious security threat. Therefore, a thorough network security system is of prime importance. With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, you can make your staff’s devices work for your own company without any security infiltration.

Most entrepreneurs will agree that their employees use smart phone at work and keeping these phones away from work place is definitely not a possible. In a study conducted by Microsoft, it shows that companies under survey have about 67%employees getting their smart phone to work inconsiderate of the fact that the company allows them or not. In such a case BYOD is the obvious way out. However, there are many more issues to consider. There is always a debate between the employees with smart phones whose capabilities are unlimited. Employees should agree to a certain mobile device management strategy that includes an option to wipe-clean a device of a user that has left the company. Employees should voluntarily prefer to remove the company data. Such reasons prevent BYOD from being a cut and dry matter.

In order to design a perfect BYOD strategy that works best for your company, you will have to first define the important elements that you must protect, employees access to those elements, and how to react when you need to enact the protocols of that policy. The first point to consider is whether a additional mobility is required at all and whether it will benefit your organization in any way. A modern employee may consider it indispensable to access work related material beyond your network. With more and more people multi tasking, it is definitely important to facilitate employees with such flexibility to achieve positive growth. 

As a business owner you must evaluate all the threats that you may face because of an external device being used to access your network and the various data that thus becomes vulnerable. Consider the many options if there was breach of trust. At Cloud Space USA we have specially designed and successfully implemented mobile device management solutions for the many companies that are looking for ways to improve portability and enhance production.

Another variable that needs your attention is Acceptable Use Policy. This policy closely governs the content that is closely available to people on your network. This policy is created keeping the interest of the company in mind, implemented by the administrator and the policy is implemented to the extent required by your company. The experts working with us help you with all the integrities of the policy so that you can make informed decision to maximize your company’s productivity and profitability. With today’s world being so communicative and connected, undue limitations may cost your company productivity hindrance.

There are numerous variables you need to tackle when designing and implementing your company’s BYOD policy. These include:

1. Specify which devices will be permitted on the network.
2. Establish static and comprehensive security strategy.
3. Define how foreign devices can access data on the network.
4. Ensure staff knows who owns what on the mobile device.
5. Make a decision on what kind of use to ban on foreign devices.
6. Combine your BYOD strategy with your acceptable use strategy.
7. Create a strategy to quickly and securely on board and remove users

These variables should be carefully studied and implemented so that it fits the needs of the employees well and does not create any hindrance in data security.

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