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David Levin Radio Inter. OutSideWe are in the final stages of testing on a new high-speed hosting tier for cloud servers and desktops.  We are seeing a substantial increase in desktop cloud computing performance with the new system.  The combination of a file server or Microsoft SQL server running in the high-speed environment and cloud desktops makes a huge impact on desktop performance and the user experience.

The new cloud hosting tier will be ready for production in mid October 2015.  We have space for hundreds of servers and desktops on the new platform.  Cloud desktop and server hosting fully integrates with your existing cloud and local resources so you can mix and match.  If you are interested, give CloudSpace USA a call and we can talk about price and timing.

CouldSpace USA currently has more than 500 cloud-based virtual desktops and servers on our network.  Our current expansion will give us room for about 600 more virtual machines.  Our network has been operational for over 670 days with less than 24 hours of unplanned system-wide downtime.  CloudSpace USA is growing.  As we grow, we are adding more redundancy and failover systems in order to meet and surpass our Service Level Agreements (SLA).  Over the next few months, we will redesign and upgrade our standard tier Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) platform for highly improved performance and redundancy as well.  By the end of the first quarter of 2016 all customers will see these performance improvements with the high-speed tier providing an even higher level.

We are also expanding our Austin Texas offerings.  Currently we have an off-site backup replication service to Austin from either your cloud network in Houston or your local office network.  This service moves your hourly backups to Austin immediately after each backup is complete.  Some clients with hybrid cloud/office networks are moving backups off-site for both locations.

Throughout the 4th quarter 2015 Cloudspace USA is installing and testing a full cloud system in Austin.  This system will be used for off-site replication as well as bringing up cloud servers and desktops in the Austin data center.  By the end of the year we will be able to mirror a server between Houston and Austin.  This gives us the ability to have a full “hot-site” secondary system in the event that the Houston data center goes down.  These are optional add-on services for your existing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network.

We have added some new offering for your VPC.  CloudSpace now offers Adobe Creative Suite products as a monthly service.  The most popular are Adobe Acrobat Standard and Pro.  We also have a new business content management system called M-Files.  This gives us a highly advanced document management system to help businesses go paperless.

Finally, we are adding an R&D network in Austin to begin testing high resolution graphics on the cloud desktop for use by CAD systems and graphic art apps such as Adobe Creative Cloud products.

David Levin

CEO, 3CIT/CloudSpace USA

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